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Jeanne N.
Brette was so compassionate and so was her daughter. I was very anxious and worried about the new laws on bankruptcy. Well, after the bankruptcy was over I felt that Brette and her daughter had exceeded my expectations and they were so understanding about my financial circumstances. They put my welfare first, rather than charging high fees that would benefit them (like many other lawyers do). I highly recommend Brette she is an awesome person and her daughter is great too! She truly cares about her clients.

Bill M., San Jose CA:
"We love Ms. Evans office and her staff, as she was able to discharge $80,000 worth of student loans in our Chapter 7 case."

A Google User
"Excellent service, great attitude, and they answer all your questions. Thank you Brette and your wonderful staff."

Dave P.
"Well, I met with them almost a year ago and had a good experience. I recently had the need to contact them for something new that came up. They really made me feel comfortable and it reminded me about how good they were the first time. It ended up being nothing to worry about. But I was worrying about it. Now I'm not. Good people."

"Please accept my apology for the lateness of this congratulatory letter. Mrs. Brette, thank-you for putting together the "finest Bankruptcy Lawyers Office," that this state has to offer. Mrs. Brette, many I recall, but to avoid forgetting to mention anyone, who may have simply answered a question or confirmed a date or time, to, "all of You," I just say thank-you, you've all been a blessing!"

Carmen T.
"Brette is awesome. She helped me file Chapter 13. She saved me when I had no where else to turn. She has extensive knowledge and contacts in her field. She definitely knows what she is talking about, makes you feel comfortable during such a scary moment. The process was quick and I walked away educated and comfortable with my decision. Her supporting staff is also very helpful and if they don't have the answer they will search for the correct answer before misinforming you."

R & TB.
"We had a wonderful experience with The Brette Evans Law Firm. From the moment that we walked into the office we were greeted by a friendly helpful staff. The experience of going through a bankruptcy is a very stressful thing, but they assured us that we were not alone and that this would help us with a fresh start in our lives. What a relief to finally get rid of all of the burden. Thank You to the team at Brette Evans Law firm we have our lives back. We would recommend their services to anyone that needs help getting their financial life back on track.

Rosalie, Santa Clara
Our experience with Brette has been great. When we 1st came in she spent as much time as we needed to answer all of our questions. Our case was filed promptly and we are so excited not only to escape our debts but also our second mortgage. When we had questions she always got right back to us. I would recommend her to anyone. In fact one of my best friends is using her.

"When I came to Evans Law Offices I was just about to be garnished. I had some significant medical debt from a skiing accident, and I really didn't want to file bankruptcy for fear that my credit would be ruined. Ms. Evans filed my case the same week that I met her. She filed a motion so that I could pay my filing fee in installments. She prevented the garnishment from going through. Ms. Evans staff was knowledgeable and helpful. I don't have a computer at home and Ms. Evans let me use a computer and her staff helped me with the classes that I needed to take. After filing my bankruptcy, my credit score didn't even go down that much more and since completing my bankruptcy I have even been offered new credit cards, which I may accept to begin to build my credit."

Ken S.
"Much has happened since Brette helped us with our Bankruptcy. She was so wonderful and took care of us when we were at our lowest period of our lives. Brette, you were our angel for our family, that is why we named our daughter after you, our little Brette is also 5 years old and will be 6 in July. Brette Alana is a blessing for us. . . . We were so lucky we did not lose our business, for some reason everything worked out for us and our business continued to be very successful after our bankruptcy. We know it was only because of Brette's determination and compassion for our livelihood and future. Thank you again Brette with all our greatest gratitude and admiration for your hard work for helping people like us continue to have hope and a new beginning in life. Brette, we applaud you for your love of people. We also recently sold our home in Vacaville last month and purchased a beautiful home with land in the mountains in Paynes Creek. . .Life is good for us today!

Alsesandro A.
O.k., this morning I was ready to pack my bags and move to Canada, Instead a friend referred me to Attorney Evans who had already filed a Bankruptcy case for her, and she thought she could help me with my Bankruptcy. She could tell I was super stressed out.

From the moment I walked in I kept getting this feeling of shame the only definition for Bankruptcy I ever had was the one given to me second hand. First, Attorney Evans spent over an hour making sure I understood the information, explaining how bankruptcy works and how I shouldn't look at it as a negative, (instead) she defined Bankruptcy and how it's designed to protect me. I think she could sense, I needed to hear some reassurance.

Brette and her assistant walked me through what was going to happen next. I asked "please how do I stop the collection calls everyday all night" Attorney Evans said to stopped the collector calls "You tell them to talk to this office now" I got handed a business card done deal. I can't wait to get another call to tell them to stop calling.

Brette I was totally freaked about Bankruptcy after your time spent with me I'm SURE this definitely is the fresh start I need. Thank you SO MUCH!! Attorney Evans.

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